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Singapore Calendar Guys | Featuring the Hottest Asian Male Models

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We're extremely excited to reveal our reload of SCG in its most streamlined version ever!


We know all of you have been very patient and we thank you for it, particularly your continued loyalty and patronage.


2017 was a tough year for us privately and emotionally, and we were very touched and encouraged with all your inquiring emails. Although we long had in mind a major revamp of the site, there were many starts and stops along the way from as far back as 2016. And to be frank, there were instances where we didn't think we would make it through, let alone follow through with our vision and cause to promote Asian men throughout the world.


The truth is depression can be debilitating. And it seems to be even more pervasive in these modern times, where it is being projected to be the most common ailment worldwide by 2030. Our lives are so bombarded by technology these days that it invariably alienates us from one another in the most important form of our relationships - that is the physical one. Take it from one who has experienced better times socially in the 90's, seen a wide spectrum of excitement in life, but later succumbed to addictive behavior which worsened the depression and strained many important relationships.


Whether prescribed or not, drugs are not the answer to happiness. Rather, it is the physical interaction and the willingness to put oneself out to love and be loved, cherishing all the loyal friendships made along the way that promises us a meaningful life. Fortunately, we persevered through our hardships and learnt our lessons early. And even though we went through some differences initially, we have always had you - our fans - at the back of our minds.


What you are seeing now, therefore, is the result of much self-motivation and the willingness to improve ourselves and others through honesty, vulnerability and empathy. So we hope you enjoy what you see and what we may have in store.



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