Site Access

1. I tried to log in and got a security message saying that someone might be using my account, but I don't recall divulging my details? Why is this happening and what should I do?


You may be receiving this message because you haven't logged out from another terminal. You are only allowed a single login at any one time. Please log out from the other terminal and clear you cache, including cookies, then refresh your browser before trying again. If you encounter the same error, please contact us.


2. I forgot my username and password and tried several times unsuccessfully to enter the site, but got denied. What should I do?


If you forgot your username and password and tried several times unsuccessfully to enter the site but got denied, you may first try the "Forgot your password?" option under the login box, failing which please contact us to help your retrieve your username and reset your password. Be sure to provide your full name and subscription ID for prompt assistance. Also note, that attempting too many failed logins might completely lock you out temporarily for security reasons. In which case you may either opt to wait for the system to unlock or contact us.


TIP: If you were a member previously and then cancelled and re-subscribed at a later date, your old username and password may still be stored in your browser’s memory. Please be sure to clear the old username / password from your Internet browser’s memory by first clearing your browsers cache, then put in your current username and password.


3. I think my username and password were stolen. Will this prevent me from getting in the site? And what should I do about it?


If your username / password was stolen, it very likely could lead to many people attempting to use it to gain entry to the site. This will result in the security message described in (1). In this case, try to reset your password by using the "Forgot your password?" option under the login box. This will allow you to set a new password for your account. Contact us if this fails.


4. Does it mean that my membership was cancelled if I can’t log into the site?


No. More than likely your membership is not (cancelled) and you may be experiencing another issue. Please refer to questions (1) to (3).


5. I've already paid for my subscription, why can't I view the portfolios?


If you have signed up for a recurring subscription and you cannot gain full access, it may be that the callback from PayPal or Stripe was made when the site was temporarily under heavy traffic. If that is the case, please give it about 10-15 mins and try again.


DO NOT repeat the transaction or cancel the previous transaction. We will not be able to enable your access if the previous transaction was cancelled. In any case, if the problem still persists, please contact us.


System Requirements

1. The website is displaying strangely. What can I do?


Our website employs the latest web technology and css (cascading style sheets). If you have any quirky display problems, please ensure you have your browser updated to the latest versions. Our site supports most browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and its variants.


2. Does the site work with my Android, IPad or IPhone?

Our site has content in the members area and public area that is compatible with most smart phones and hand help devices, including IPad, Android and IPhone. It is also responsive to most other mobile devices.


3. Why is web access so slow?


We have recently upgraded to a cloud server and optimized our site with CDNs (content delivery networks) to speed up the site. However, you may occasionally experience slow response times depending on the traffic to our site, because we host many high-quality media files. Please also check that you are on a reliable broadband network. Disruptions and interference in the network could also be the cause of poor performance. For example, if someone is trying to hack your wi-fi router. High speed Internet is strongly recommended. A faster browser makes a better viewing experience.


4. Why does an AdBlock message pop-up when I browse the site? Why are there advertisements?


In order to maintain this site and to improve on it, we need some minor form of revenue too. Hence, we encourage you to keep your AdBlock extensions off for our domain. Meanwhile, we will strive to keep the ads as non-obtrusive as possible. And for subscribers, we've heard your previous feedback and have decided to disable all ads to keep in step with providing you unlimited access.

Membership Support and Cancellations

1. How do I sign up for the site?

Merely register to get instant access. For exclusive content, subscribe to one of our affordable plans.


2. What do I get with my membership?

Within the Singapore Calendar Guys members area, there are over 8,000+ hi-res photos of some of the top Asian male models for your viewing pleasure. We also keep you updated with our regular postings of the sexiest Asian male model we discover. You also get the pleasure of rating your favorite models. That way we know exactly where you slant and we will provide you with more in the same vein.


3. How often is the site updated?


Singapore Calendar Guys is updated several times a week. Members get to enjoy weekly updates of model portfolios. We trust you'll find the eye candy experience more worth it than a magazine subscription!


4. Can I learn to workout and better my fitness from the website?

Not exactly, but SCG has much content in the members area showcasing what is appealing to us culturally. These models are constantly working out in the gym and can provide you with some insight on what makes a good physique. Our focus on this site is really to provide pure eye candy!


5. What if I have technical problems or need to cancel my subscription?


Should you need technical assistance concerning your membership or subscription, please contact us through our contact form stating the issue. Do provide us with your membership or subscription details so that we can identify you and/or your subscription accordingly. If you are a current subscriber and are having problems with your subscription, it is important that you do not cancel your subscription before contacting us, or we will not be able to rectify your issue. To cancel your subscription, please do so at your respective payment gateway sites:


Paypal payments support PaypalStripe payments support Stripe


IMPORTANT: Please note that termination or membership cancellations must be made directly with your respective payment modes. SCG cannot make any cancellation requests for you. Upon termination, all unlimited access benefits will cease immediately without refund. For further information, please read or refer to our Terms of Service.